quirky and intimate classical music


We love classical music.  We also love informal settings and performing to people who don’t normally seek our music out.  We like to have a laugh on stage and enjoy ourselves while we perform.  We want you to enjoy our gigs too, and not worry about the odd cough and when to clap.  And if you’d like a drink as you listen, go right ahead.

We present a smorgasbord of musical experiences.  Golden oldies, unheard gems, funny takes on serious pieces.  We like it, you probably will too...


three4 are a violin, voice and piano trio by Kate Conway, Emma Dogliani and Stuart Wild.

“ Such a fun night out.  The performers were amazing, and it was great to see them so obviously loving what they were doing.  I would recommend their gigs to anyone.”


                        Anna, 32

                        Rich Mix Gig, April 2013